• Pre-adoptive parents dreaming of forever family and preparing to bring their new son or daughter home.

  • Post-adoptive parents who feel discouraged and disillusioned after following God’s call to respond to the orphan crisis.

  • Families interested in fostering to provide hope for the children who need it most in their own communities.

  • Current foster parents who feel unprepared and unequipped to handle the behaviors that children from trauma have brought into their homes.

  • Parents who feel terrified and powerless about their child’s diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder.

  • Parents whose children suffer from other challenges affecting attachment, including ADHD, ODD, and ASD.

  • Anyone who loves a child who has suffered developmental trauma of any kind, including loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or brain injury.


Step 1

Purchase Unplowed Ground Jumpstart for only $249 and receive immediate access to the program portal, training materials, and community group via Facebook.

(NOTE: An active Facebook account and Zoom account are required for participation in this program. Both are free of charge.)


While awaiting your Jumpstart start date, prepare your Unplowed Ground workbook, familiarize yourself with the training portal, & get to know the other participants via the private Facebook community group.


For seven consecutive weeks, fully engage in the five essential elements of the program:

  1. Weekly Video Training Sessions, via the Unplowed Ground Training Portal

  2. Weekly Live Trainings & Live Q&A, via Zoom

  3. Weekly One-on-One Parent Coaching Consultations, via Zoom

  4. Respite Provider Training, via Facebook (one respite provider training included in price of Jumpstart; additional respite providers may be added for additional fee)

  5. Daily Instructions for Implementing Strategies in Your Home (as well as encouragement, accountability, mentorship, & friendship), via Facebook

Step 4

Watch your rescued child’s heart heal, flourish, and shine! 



Unplowed Ground is for families who are answering the call to care for the orphan by investing so much more than their finances, but by investing their entire lives.

While statistics report that adoptions are failing at a rate of 10 to 25 percent, Unplowed Ground families are seeing their children heal, flourish, and thrive, the very same children for whom everyone else had lost all hope.

You’ve made the decision to give of your finances, your family, your heart for the sake of a child you loved before you met. Nothing compares to the investment you have made to bring your forever son or daughter home. 

We’re here to help you keep them home. 







Unplowed Ground is a concise, straightforward, and easy to implement parenting approach to help traumatized children heal. The firm yet loving structure that is created in your home helps your child feel safe so that trust can begin to happen instead of chaos.
— Matthew Bradley MSW, LMFT, Founder and Director of The Beatitude House, Center for Attachment and Trauma Recovery
Before implementing therapeutic parenting techniques we learned in Unplowed Ground training, our 3 yr old was having major difficulties. She was very aggressive with our 2 other children, was very defiant when instructed to do anything, was throwing major temper tantrums, etc. After implementing the techniques we had learned, her behavior did a complete turn around. She was no longer aggressive and the defiance slowly faded away. She thrived in “stations” and with the safe structure. As parents, we thrived with the techniques because we now had tools to use with her that were effective and tailored for her needs.
— Brooke, foster/adoptive mom
Unplowed Ground therapeutic parenting is the piece that our family didn’t know was missing for many years!

We have 2 biological children and 3 adopted children. We struggled for several years with our first 2 adopted children. We didn’t know what it was... but we knew something was wrong and we couldn’t figure it out. We were trained in Unplowed Ground in the Spring of 2016 and it has completely changed our family and our home! We had no idea that our children struggled with attachment and that the issues we dealt with were a result of their early childhood trauma. It would be a huge understatement to say that the introduction to Unplowed Ground was a “light bulb” moment for us. We were finally seeing that our kids needed something from us that we weren’t providing and had no clue we needed to.

Redoing the first 2 years of life facilitated attachment with our kids. Avoiding “W.A.L.T.E.R.” empowered us as peaceful and powerful parents.

”The BIG 6” has given us the peace that comes with clear expectations. LOVING responses keep us from being triggered by our kids while staying connected to them.

Balancing Structure and Nurture provides the SECURITY that our kids need and the CALM we all need.

Our 3rd adopted child is a teen we adopted this past year. We would have failed 100% at parenting her if we had not been informed about attachment and trauma and equipped with Unplowed Ground techniques.

We fully believe that God led us to Unplowed Ground for HIS glory. He needed us to be equipped and empowered to “plow the soil” in the hearts of our children in order for them to find true healing which comes from HIM alone.
— Melanie, adoptive mom
“In preparing for our adoption, I read many other books and listened to many podcasts & videos. Although they were all helpful, Unplowed Ground is the only one I found that gave us the specific, practical strategies we needed for our first days, weeks, and months at home, for forming attachment, for uprooting the thorns of trauma, and for giving her a voice. We used the strategies well into the first two years of her journey with us. It is the only resource I have found that perfectly balances nurture with structure, to help her feel safe, so that she could learn to accept our love. Many of the other books helped me with nurturing activities, which is wonderful, but we have seen firsthand that the Unplowed Ground strategies first helped her feel safe for the first time in her entire little life, and then, and only then, has she been able to accept nurture and love and grow to trust us as her forever mom and dad.

What you hold in your hands changed our daughter’s life. It’s the only reason her smile is real and her eyes are alive. It’s the only reason I’m not just the fifth mom. I’m the last mom.”
— Veronica, adoptive mom