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Unplowed Ground therapeutic parenting is the piece that our family didn’t know was missing for many years!

We have 2 biological children and 3 adopted children. We struggled for several years with our first 2 adopted/challenging children. We didn’t know what it was… but we knew something was wrong and we couldn’t figure it out. We were trained in Unplowed Ground in the Spring of 2016 and it has completely changed our family and our home! It would be a huge understatement to say that the introduction to Unplowed Ground was a “light bulb” moment for us. We were finally seeing that our kids needed something from us that we weren’t providing and had no clue we needed to. We fully believe that God led us to Unplowed Ground for HIS glory. He needed us to be equipped and empowered to cultivate the soil of our rescued children’s hearts in order for them to find true healing which comes from HIM alone.

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I love all the different services that King's Ranch has to offer. That being said, since I am a single momma of two teenagers, the respite care they offer is a necessity not just a luxury for me. I can feel confident that my daughter is in trusting hands of people who know what type of parenting she needs. She comes home ready to work on getting her heart stronger with a much better attitude!  I am forever thankful that this organization was brought into my life.

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Dan & veronica, adoptive parents

In preparing for our adoption, we read many other books and listened to many podcasts & videos. Although they were all helpful, Unplowed Ground is the only one we found that gave us the specific, practical strategies we needed for our first days, weeks, and months at home, for forming attachment, for uprooting the thorns of trauma, and for giving her a voice. We used the strategies well into the first two years of her journey with us. It is the only resource we have found that perfectly balances nurture with structure, to help her feel safe, so that she could learn to accept our love. Many of the other books helped us with nurturing activities, which is wonderful, but we have seen firsthand that the Unplowed Ground strategies first helped her feel safe for the first time in her entire little life, and then, and only then, has she been able to accept nurture and love and grow to trust us as her forever mom and dad.


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