Ask any real adoptive family: All rescued children put the new adults in their lives through tests. They need to know if the adults are safe enough to trust...

Can they keep me from getting hurt again?

Will they reject me like all the others have?

Instinctively, a child who has been rescued from neglect, abuse, or other traumatic situations tests everyone who enters their world. Imagine the disappointment and despair a child feels when she can find no trustworthy, safe adult who knows how to recognize her tests. How she longs to find that person who is strong enough to trust!

Adoptive parents and other adults who are not equipped with the right knowledge and techniques typically fail these tests over and over without even knowing it, and they join the long list of untrustworthy adults in these children’s lives.  When these adults fail the tests of trust, the soil of the child’s heart hardens more and more until it is impenetrable to receiving love.

Enter us, their forever moms and dads. Each time we pass a test, our children’s heart soil softens more and more until they are able to soak up love – first ours, then ultimately the love of Jesus!

There are five primary tests every rescued child will ask his adoptive mom and dad. Our answers to these tests determine their ability to trust us, and will move them from being in charge of their own survival to enjoying childhood under our loving care and strong protection.

To learn how to pass the five tests

& soften the heart soil . . .

Learn about the other two components of Unplowed Ground…

grow a root of trust

uproot thorns of trauma