Therapeutic Respite provides Unplowed Ground families with a worry free break from therapeutic parenting. For parents of children with compromised attachment, adequate rest and self care are not luxuries; they are absolutely essential to being able to provide the consistent level of intensive care your rescued child needs.

Recognizing that families have different abilities to pay, we have instituted a voluntary three-tier fee program for therapeutic respite care. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. It is an honor system; you choose the level that is comfortable and affordable for you.  All children receive the same respite care experience no matter what they pay.

Tier One is our subsidized rate and does not reflect the full cost of therapeutic respite care. The remainder of the cost for Tier One respite is covered by the generosity of Tier Three respite families. Tier Two most closely reflects the actual cost of therapeutic respite care, whereas Tier Three is for families who can afford to pay the actual cost, and also be a blessing to those families who cannot.

to schedule a respite, please call or email US. | (870) 897-1705

Tier One Respite Options

Tier Two Respite Options

Tier Three Respite Options