Attachment-driven parenting strategies helping rescued children heal.


Thank you for walking alongside adoptive families as they cultivate the soil of their rescued children's hearts.

By providing skilled, consistent respite care, you are a critical piece to a rescued child’s healing.

We are honored to serve alongside you!


Developed from over fifteen years of living with children with attachment disorder, Unplowed Ground is a compilation of what I personally experienced to be the very best parenting strategies from the top experts in the field, combined with my own firsthand experience in the intensive care unit, in the classroom, and in the home, all wrapped in a biblically-based, Christ-centered approach."

- Lee Anne Cooper,
author of Unplowed Ground, co-founder and executive director of King’s Ranch, mom of six, and therapeutic parenting specialist

In Unplowed Ground RESPITE Training, you will learn . . .


The Basics of attachment

Gain a foundational understanding of what attachment is, how it is formed, and how it affects children from hard places. This critical introduction will form a basis of compassion and understanding as you partner with adoptive parents to see their rescued children heal.


The respite provider role

Learn what your role is in the support system, and how to avoid derailing progress in a child’s healing by confusing your role with that of the parent.


All about stations & stations tutorial

In these sessions, you’ll see exactly how to spend your time with the child, including how to set up the home, how to schedule activities, and specifically what to do during Respite Care. It’s easier than you think!


how to handle opposition & defiance

Learn how to help a rescued child feel safe even while they are still learning to manage their own emotions and trust the adults in their lives. Gain a calm, trauma-informed, effective plan and be prepared to respond to children’s challenging behaviors, should they arise during your Respite Care time together.


Brain healing techniques

Be an active part of the healing team for a child who is beating the odds and winning over a history of trauma and compromised attachment. Learn brain healing techniques that you can implement immediately with the children in your life, no matter how much time you have with them.

Unplowed Ground RESPITE Training also includes…

  • 3 printable PDFs for your home. Choose your favorite version of “The Big Six” poster and help a child feel safe from their first steps in your home!

  • 1 printable Respite Provider Cheatsheet with tips, reminders, and lists – all to help you win at helping a rescued child feel safe!

  • Free phone or video consults with a King’s Ranch Respite Provider Specialist. Through years of experience providing respite for families across the U.S., we’ve gained some wisdom and we would love to share it with you! Make a list of all your questions and schedule your free consult at your convenience!

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Before implementing therapeutic parenting techniques we learned in Unplowed Ground training, our 3 yr old was having major difficulties. She was very aggressive with our 2 other children, was very defiant when instructed to do anything, was throwing major temper tantrums, etc. After implementing the techniques we had learned, her behavior did a complete turn around. She was no longer aggressive and the defiance slowly faded away. She thrived in “stations” and with the safe structure. As parents, we thrived with the techniques because we now had tools to use with her that were effective and tailored for her needs.
— Brooke, foster/adoptive mom