Lee Anne Cooper, founder & Executive director

Lee and her husband Eddie founded King’s Ranch as a children’s home in 2007 and experienced firsthand the miracle of adoption when adding their two youngest children to their family in 2015. But Lee’s passion for caring for vulnerable children began years before with the Lord calling her to follow Him wherever He would lead, and then breaking her heart for the plight of the orphan. Using various childhood development experts and child psychology professionals, the Lord equipped her to parent each child coming to live at the Ranch, all of whom had experienced previous failed adoptions due to the effects of developmental trauma. Having authored Unplowed Ground in 2017, Lee now shares with adoptive families what the Lord has taught her from her years of experience with rescued children. Lee works tirelessly to equip forever families. Her passion is that every child know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he or she has a place they belong.

Claira Alsup,

FAmily Partnerships Coordinator

Growing up, Claira Alsup saw firsthand the healing effects of therapeutic parenting as it was lived out through the lives of her parents, Eddie and Lee Anne Cooper. Claira understands the process of attachment and loves serving adoptive families by connecting them to King’s Ranch services. She oversees our Restore ministry to adoptive moms & couples, our Therapeutic Respite program, as well as all of our communications and media. She and her husband Judd love leading worship together, traveling together, and spoiling their Goldendoodle, Winnie.

Veronica Reeves,

Church & Donor Partnerships Coordinator

As a pastor’s wife, Veronica Reeves is passionate about mobilizing the church to answer God’s call to care for the orphan by supporting the family called to adopt. She and her husband Dan have four daughters, the youngest of whom they adopted at age six. Veronica takes care of all of our donor relations and church partnerships, as well as managing content and messaging and serving as Hogue Home hostess for families visiting King’s Ranch.


BROOKE LOONEY, financial coordinator

As a pre-adoptive foster mom in the trenches of therapeutic parenting, Brooke Looney is thankful to be a part of the ministry of King’s Ranch to equip and support adoptive and foster families and the churches who serve them. Brooke takes care of our bookkeeping and oversees our financial reports, operating budget, and scholarship program.