is a 6-week online program that empowers adoptive and foster families to help their rescued children heal.

For the 6-week interactive online training, each family receives one-on-one coaching for how to implement Unplowed Ground immediately in their home, as well as accountability and support from a community group of other adoptive/foster families participating in Unplowed Ground Jumpstart.

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gives those therapists and ministry leaders who walk alongside adoptive families a thorough understanding of Unplowed Ground parenting, so they can effectively partner with parents helping rescued children heal!



is a self-paced online program for families preparing to welcome the littlest additions to their homes through the beauty of adoption.

Unplowed Ground BABY includes first-year and second-year parenting strategies for increased bonding with your forever child. Through brain-healing solutions for babies at risk of compromised attachment due to pre-birth trauma, birth distress, and/or exposure to drugs or alcohol, Unplowed Ground BABY offers a step-by-step game plan to ensure the healthy attachment between adopted parents and baby, and a lifetime of love to follow.

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is a self-paced online program for families adopting children ages three and up.

Unplowed Ground Pre-Adoptive offers practical steps for preparing your heart and home for adoption, as well as cutting-edge strategies to foster healing, attachment, and bonding with your newly adopted child… preventing behavioral struggles, communication problems, and barriers to bonding BEFORE you bring your forever son or daughter home!

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Due to the generosity of our partner churches and individual donors, we are pleased to offer scholarships to several families for Unplowed Ground training. Our mission is to equip and support every adoptive family, and we refuse to let financial limitations get in our way!