A 7-week online program that will empower you with attachment-driven and hope-giving parenting strategies to help your rescued child heal.

I knew Unplowed Ground Jumpstart would greatly affect us, but I didn’t realize it would be instantaneous. I already cannot live without the lessons I’ve learned and changes we’ve made.
— Robyn, adoptive mom

In Unplowed Ground Jumpstart, you will learn how to…

Soften the heart soil by passing the tests of every rescued child.


Grow a root of trust by revisiting the first years of life.


Uproot thorns of trauma by giving a voice and providing effective therapies.


You’ve made the decision to give of your finances, your family, your heart for the sake of a child you loved before you met.

Nothing compares to the investment you have made to bring your forever son or daughter home. 

We’re here to help you keep them home. 










  • Real families who are struggling with behavioral obstacles or attachment resistance.

  • Adoptive parents who feel discouraged and disillusioned after following God’s call to respond to the orphan crisis by adopting.

  • Foster parents who feel unequipped to handle the behaviors that children with traumatic backgrounds have brought into their homes.

  • families in crisis who feel terrified and powerless about their child’s diagnosis of an Attachment Disorder, or other challenges affecting attachment, including adhd & odd.

  • Anyone who loves a child who has suffered developmental trauma of any kind, including loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, multiple placements, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or brain injury.


Step 1

Purchase Unplowed Ground Jumpstart for only $199 and receive immediate access to the program portal, training materials, and community group via Facebook.

(NOTE: An active Facebook account and Zoom account are required for participation in this program. Both are free of charge.)


While awaiting your Jumpstart start date, prepare your Unplowed Ground workbook, familiarize yourself with the training portal, & get to know the other participants via the private Facebook community group.


For seven consecutive weeks, fully engage in the four essential elements of the program:

  1. Weekly Video Training Sessions via the Unplowed Ground Training Portal

  2. Weekly Live Trainings/Q&A with Lee Anne Cooper via Zoom

  3. Weekly One-on-One Parent Coaching Consultations with Lee Anne Cooper via Zoom

  4. Daily Instructions for Implementing Strategies in Your Home via Facebook (as well as encouragement, accountability, mentorship, & friendship)

Step 4

Watch your rescued child’s heart heal, flourish, and shine!