Developed from our fifteen years of living with children with attachment disorder, Unplowed Ground is a compilation of what we personally experienced to be the very best parenting strategies from the top experts in the field, all wrapped in a biblically-based, Christ-centered approach.

- Lee Anne Cooper, author of Unplowed Ground and Executive Director of King’s Ranch


Soften the heart soil by passing the tests of every rescued child.


Grow a root of trust by revisiting the first years of life.


Uproot thorns of trauma by giving a voice and providing effective therapies.


It’s no secret that adoption is arguably the most vivid, beautiful earthly picture of the perfect work Christ has done on the cross to rescue, redeem, and restore each of us to God. But adoption was, for Him, and is, for us, costly. At its core, it is a story of pain. Of suffering. Of loss. Of rescue.

Rescued people rescue. But children rescued from trauma suffer emotional wounds that require intensive, therapeutic care. As a child who suffers the physical trauma of a serious accident would require medical intensive care (ICU), so a child who has suffered from abuse, neglect, or abandonment requires therapeutic intensive care. Parents bringing their adopted children home dream of showering them with wonderful experiences of happiness. But the ICU is no Disney World. Children rescued from trauma need intensive care, and the unequivocal commitment of parents who are willing to provide the level of care they need to heal.

For us who have been rescued, we know the story doesn’t end there. We have a hope. We have a future. Christ rescued us for the sake of eternity, and we rescue for the long haul, too.

After the mountains of paperwork are done, after the flight home is in the memory book, Unplowed Ground is here to guide you & your child to healing.

And then, look out Disney World! Here we come!

What you hold in your hands changed our daughter’s life... it’s the only reason I’m not just the fifth mom. I’m the last mom.
— Veronica, adoptive mom

We understand how it feels to pour your heart and soul into loving a traumatized child, only to have them push your love away. We understand showering them with love, giving them everything they’ve never had and taking them to do all the things they’ve never done, only to have it all backfire, having the opposite effect of what you intended.  We understand hearing advice from well-meaning friends and family that you just need to love them enough and pray more and everything will be fine.

Unplowed Ground is different from normal parenting. We like to call it “upside down and backward” parenting, because it is therapeutic parenting that revisits the first years of life for the child who never experienced them appropriately. It is “ICU” parenting for the child who has been rescued but now needs intensive emotional care. It is the perfect balance of nurture and structure, for the child who needs to feel safe before she can feel loved.

Unplowed Ground is a holistic approach addressing the brain and the heart, as well as the spiritual aspect of healing. It combines the most effective therapeutic parenting techniques with cutting edge scientific knowledge, all wrapped in a biblically-based, Christ-centered approach.

More than a book or a training, Unplowed Ground is a partnership. When you choose Unplowed Ground, you join a community of adoptive parents who share one goal in common: Seeing our adopted sons and daughters become all that God created them to be.

Unplowed Ground is easy to implement, life-changing to see.

You can do this. We’re here to help.

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King’s Ranch considers it an honor to serve families by walking alongside them through the journey of adoption.

In a 20-minute initial consult, we build a relationship with a family and see together how we can best meet their needs. For more specialized help targeted at overcoming specific obstacles, we offer a 30-minute Parent Coaching Consultation with Lee Anne Cooper, founder and director of King’s Ranch and author of Unplowed Ground, the therapeutic parenting program utilized here at the Ranch. Families who have completed an Unplowed Ground online training or on-site intensive are eligible for unlimited parent coaching through our V.I.P. program.


Our online training programs empower adoptive and foster families to help their rescued children heal. Through attachment-driven and hope-giving parenting strategies, you will learn how to:

1) Soften the Heart Soil by passing the tests of every rescued child.

2) Grow a Root of Trust by revisiting the first years of life, and

3) Uproot Thorns of Trauma by giving a voice and providing effective therapies


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Family Intensives

An Unplowed Ground Family Intensive is a highly concentrated time of equipping and coaching on-site at King’s Ranch, offering families a focused opportunity to facilitate their rescued child’s healing through strategic attachment-driven and nurture-rich attention.

Intensives Offered:
5-Day Family Intensive
3-Day Mini-Intensive

Live Trainings

For churches, schools, & other organizations who care about children.

The Basics of Attachment
In this session, you will gain basic understanding of what attachment is, how it is formed, and how it affects children from hard places.

Unplowed Ground Friends & Family
With step-by-step ideas for implementing Unplowed Ground strategies in a classroom or other short-term care environment, this training will help you more effectively support the adoptive and foster families in your circle.

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Our parent organization, King’s Ranch of Jonesboro, is committed to equipping families and restoring childhoods. Once a children’s home specializing in serving children with attachment difficulties, King’s Ranch now serves over 500 adoptive families worldwide with wraparound support, including therapeutic parenting parenting and coaching, respite care, retreats, intensives, and scholarships. King’s Ranch exists to equip and support adoptive families and the churches who serve them.