Attachment-driven parenting strategies helping rescued children heal.


Thank you for walking alongside adoptive families as they cultivate the soil of their rescued children's hearts.

Whether you are a therapist or ministry leader, you are a critical piece to a rescued child’s healing.

We are honored to serve alongside you!


“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

God sets the lonely in families…”

- Psalm 68:5-6a

I recommend Unplowed Ground without reservation and use it with all of the families I work with... Unplowed Ground teaches parents how to abandon traditional parenting skills that won’t work, and replace them with therapeutic parenting skills that actually work to heal a child’s heart.
— Cindy Brown, LCSW MA, Attachment Services of Arkansas, PLLC
It has been our honor and privilege to walk with Eddie and Lee Anne Cooper over the past fifteen years as the Lord has brought them on the journey that has resulted in Unplowed Ground. As their pastor, and as your friend, our prayer for you and your family is that the Lord will use what He has given them in ways beyond what you could imagine to bring healing, laughter, and peace into your home. Just like He did ours. To change the world by changing her world.
— Pastor Dan and Veronica Reeves, Journey Church, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Unplowed Ground is a concise, straightforward, and easy to implement parenting approach to help traumatized children heal. The firm yet loving structure that is created in your home helps your child feel safe so that trust can begin to happen instead of chaos.
— Matthew Bradley, MSW, LMFT, Founder and Director of The Beatitude House, Center for Attachment and Trauma Recovery

Developed from over fifteen years of living with children with attachment disorder, Unplowed Ground is a compilation of what I personally experienced to be the very best parenting strategies from the top experts in the field, combined with my own firsthand experience in the intensive care unit, in the classroom, and in the home, all wrapped in a biblically-based, Christ-centered approach."

- Lee Anne Cooper,
author of Unplowed Ground, co-founder and executive director of King’s Ranch, mom of six, and therapeutic parenting specialist

In Unplowed Ground, you will learn how to help adoptive parents to…

Soften the heart soil by passing the tests of every rescued child.


Grow a root of trust by revisiting the first years of life.


Uproot thorns of trauma by giving a voice and providing effective therapies.


We have found that families who combine Unplowed Ground parenting techniques with accountability and support from their therapist and other care professionals experience the most success in seeing their children heal.

Unplowed Ground COLLEAGUE is designed to thoroughly familiarize you with the Unplowed Ground parenting techniques your families are implementing in the home, so that you may walk alongside them to promote hope and healing.


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Unplowed Ground is the piece that our family didn’t know was missing for many years!
— Melanie, adoptive mom